Revelation Chapters 12 & 13

Ladies and Gentlemen, more Revelation notes! *The crowd goes nuts* Please, please, contain your excitement.

Okay, seriously. Last night I talked about the vision of the woman with child, the red dragon, and the two beasts. There’s lots of historical context that helps make sense of this passage, and is pretty fascinating to boot. What it boils down to is an allegory of the church being protected, an assurance that Satan’s time is short, and an expose of the political, economic, and religious forces that Satan has used, and continues to use for his ends. You can find the notes here.

Also, I used a list of verses last night concerning Eternal Life Now. I had some requests for that list, so it is here. I would highly recommend anyone reading to print out that document and prayerfully consider the verses included. You might also consider taping it up somewhere (like your bathroom mirror) and meditating on one of the verses a day. It could change your life.

Revelation Chapters 8 & 9

Well, I promised my weekly notes on Revelation so… you can get them here.

This week I talked about John’s vision of the six trumpets. This passage is one of the more bizarre parts of Revelation and doesn’t really make sense until you understand that it has to do with idolatry (which becomes clear in Revelation 9:20). It becomes even more clear when you compare it to the account of the Exodus of the Jews and the plagues of Egypt and see the similarities. Some of the main things about the passage in Revelation include:

1. That God’s response to the saint’s cry of “How long” is one of judgement (just as it was for the Israelites in Egypt). I intend to explore the subject of God’s judgement more in depth at a later time.
2. That God first judges the idols (both in Exodus and in Revelation) to show that they are powerless.
3. That there are demonic influences behind idols, and ironically, the things that we worship end up causing us torment and even death.
4. God intends for judgement to lead to repentance.

There are so many other things to cover but these are some of the main points. You can see it all laid out in my notes!