More On Experiencing Proteus

Okay, proteus_title-630x354so I just posted about Proteus. I showed the trailer to my wife while struggling quite with how to describe it. “What is it about the pixels that appeals to you?” she asked me, trying to understand. “The pixels don’t matter, that’s just an art style. It’s really about…” Then I fumbled around with some lame-sounding descriptions of the game. “I don’t think you’ll understand it unless you’ve grown up playing games,” I finished weakly. “Yeah,” she affirmed.

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Experiencing Proteus

I just sat down for about a half hour and had one of the more profound audio-visual experiences I’ve ever had. I have a hard time trying to think about how to explain it to you. If you’re cynical, you will easily discount it. And if you didn’t grow up playing video games I don’t think you’ll get it. But mark my words: this is the future of artistic expression for my generation. Just a thought.


Most people who know me know I use Macs and I love them. I also do PC repair so I know intimately how much a Windows computer can suck sometimes.

Yesterday Apple came out with some new “I’m a Mac” ads and the one that was particularly amusing to me was called “Legal Copy“. Go ahead and check it out, I’ll wait.

Anyway, if you don’t bother to watch it, the ad involves PC making statements such as “incredibly easy to use” while legal copy increasingly grows in size at the bottom of the page. What’s funny to me is what the legal copy actually says. A website called actually took the time to read what it said, and came out with humorous, though sometimes admittedly exaggerated, gems like this:

Please note that when you first receive your PC there is some suggested work that needs to be done before PCs can perform at their peak. These steps include, but are not limited to, downloading and installing necessary drivers for peripherals. These drivers may include printers, scanners, cameras, storage devices, music players, and other media devices. There may be more depending on your needs. It is also recommended that first time users remove all unneeded bloatware and remove all operational components.