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I don’t know if you’ve experienced this, but sometimes I just need to write about something to help me understand what I’m thinking. It’s why I’ll regularly journal, and it’s why I have this website. My hope is to basically shoot the breeze in a public space, and hopefully be a better writer, and thinker, for all my effort.

And of course, if you came here you’re wondering who I am. Well, I can tell you what I do. I work as a pastor at a church in Gig Harbor, Washington. I have a beautiful wife who also works as a pastor, and we get to work in the same church too, which is great. Don’t let the fact that I work as a pastor fool you though: I still love Jesus. Being “religious” hasn’t changed that for me. And I hope what I say and do reflects that.

There are pieces of myself scattered all over the internet. Here’s a few places this pieces can be found.

You can see some of the sermons I’ve given at Chapel Hill Presbyterian Church here.


I also write blog posts on that website occasionally.

Church Blog

If you’re interested in things I’ve written before, take a look at seminary papers, sermons, essays, and the like here (though, in retrospect, I think my seminary papers are pretty dry).

Read on Scribd

I keep a wishlist on Amazon.com for my family (mainly for my mother in law), but if you’re interested in the kinds of things I like to buy check it out. I have a list just for books, which is probably the most interesting (to me, anyway).

Amazon Wishlist

Over the years I’ve taken video of this and that. I have a Youtube page you can look at.

Youtube Profile

Some people like to use LinkedIn. Sometimes I get emails from them telling me that. If that’s you’re thing, I’ve got a profile there.

LinkedIn Profile

And of course, Facebook. So if you’d like to be my friend you can find me there.

Facebook Profile

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