Ambiguous Prometheus

Yesterday David 8 likes to play with stars. I had a hankering to re-watch Prometheus. The movie satisfies me on so many levels. Atmospheric tension, engaging performances (Fassbender is an excellent robot), special effect wizardry… it’s a movie that has stuck in my brain. But more then these things, it’s a movie with layers of meaning. And if there’s any kind of movie I love, it’s this kind of movie. Granted, the move has its flaws, for sure. There are any number of articles floating out on the internet debating whether certain plot elements were really significant or were simply macguffins or otherwise superfluous (though maybe not). ┬áBut that is what delights me about the movie the most: its ambiguity. It raises a number of questions and includes a bunch of themes that allow the view to make any number of interpretations. I got sucked into jumping from article to article on the internet with different people’s takes on this. One of my favorites was this take on the different thematic elements of Prometheus. This seemed more apropos than other interpretations, and it shows the depth of thinking that went into the movie. For many the ambiguity was a turn off. But for me it was a playground for the mind.

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