Revelation Chapters 19-22

I finished my series on the book of Revelation last night, not without some bit of sadness. Certainly I feel the accomplishment of having made it through such a challenging study, but I also feel like my involvement with The House ministry is wrapping up too. In any case, I’ve enjoyed preparing for these studies and I’ve learned a TON. I feel like my knowledge of scripture and of God’s plan has been profoundly affected by the book of Revelation.

So, what did I talk about? Well, it’s the end of the book so John is wrapping up loose strings. We see a progressive defeat of God’s enemies (the harlot, the beast, Satan, and finally death), the millennium in the midst of that, and then the New Earth and New Heavens. There is a lot in the text to point out that it’s not meant as a verbatim account of what will come, but as a spiritual guide of what to expect. So, for instance, we shouldn’t expect New Jerusalem to literally come as a ginormous cube out of the sky, but we should understand it as a symbol of who and what the church is, in shadow now and in fullness then.

Mainly, what I wanted to express was that catching a glimpse of God’s plan, of His mercy and His love for us, can create hope in us. I believe that hope can really change the way a person lives. Furthermore, what a person hopes for matters too. As Christians, if we understand that anything this world has to offer us pales in comparison to the promise of God’s presence, how can we not live differently in that light? That, I believe, may be the entire point of the book of Revelation. I’m hopeful I got that point across.

Survey my notes here.

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